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sandy_aboutI started my career on Madison Avenue in three of the world’s biggest ad agencies.

A few years later I began photography which quickly grew into watercolor and oil painting.    Once I started painting, I painted every spare second I could, even getting up at 4:30 in the  morning to paint before going to my “real job”.

I started with landscapes, loose and colorful, but quickly learned my passion was portraits.  I love to paint children, men and women, especially brides.  I also love painting animals, both pets and wildlife.  I truly become immersed in my portraits and love the challenges involved in creating art that is a true reflection of a lovely soul.   I also love that sweet moment when the portrait starts coming together to become something wonderful.

I have taken painting and portrait classes from some of the finest Dallas artists and am constantly studying to improve my craft.

I would love to talk with you about a portrait  you would like to have.  You can contact me at 214-244-2597 or sandy@camera2productions.com.

Also, please visit my photography site at:

www.sandymozur photography. com

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"A portrait in oil is a glimpse into the soul"

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